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Report of Colonel Morgan Morgan

Additional Reading to the Report of Colonel Morgan ap Morgan

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Reverend Andrew (Andreas) Hesselius: In 1712, Reverend Andrew Hesselius was sent to America with Reverend Abraham Lidenius, both from Sweden, to take charge of religious affairs in Christiana, New Castle County, Delaware. The previous minister, Reverend Ericus Biorck, had been recalled by the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, and Hesselius was to assume his position with Lidenius as his assistant. They arrived to Christiana in 1713, however, Hesselius labored within a radius that extended past his own congregation, performing services in vacant churches throughout Pennsylvania, and particularly with the Indians who lived among the Swedes. In 1723, Hesselius was recalled from his position, and returned to Sweden where he died in 1733.