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Report of Colonel Morgan Morgan

The Merrill Family
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Of the Merrill family of Monongalia County and the nearby regions in West Virginia, little is known of their history. Although the relationship between the three men has yet to be officially determined, it is assumed that William, John, and Joseph Merrill, were brothers. From where they came is not known, but as James Morgan stated that William and John Merrill purchased pieces of his father’s Rivesville homestead, it seems likely that they were in western Virginia by 1779. James’ deposition, however, is the only evidence of this William Merrill, but as he also states that “William Merrill married a Morgan cousin of ours. She's the woman that settled the hash for those Indians in Nelson County,” it would suggest that William and his family migrated into Kentucky at an early date. As the legendary fight between “Mrs. Merrill” and the Indians reputedly occurred in 1791, William must have moved by that time. Thus, in addition to the fact that records prior to 1810 are scarce, William’s migration would account for why his name has not been found Virginia records.